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Jordan And Baker V.s. Mike Cervello, Wiwek – Explode Break (Walter Vooys Mash – Up)

A mash-up for dancefloor. With the classic anthem ''Explode'' mash toghter with on of the harders club tracks that i will play in my shows. This mash-up is to get the crowd crazy and hyped up. With a very good balanced break in the begin of the track the crowd will wake up, and with the climax a head they going to mental!


Soul Of House Sessions 7: NuDisco Special

This is my new Soul Of House Session number 7 the Nudisco special. With the best Nudisco remixen of this moment. Soul of House Sessions is my own concept where i present to you my dj skills and music taste. From underground house to a bit main stream tunes. One thing is for sure it must have a groove, a good rhytm or a nice hook till it get’s a Walter Vooys stamp on it. So are you ready for a little dance or just chillin does not matter just let yourself go in this flow.


Mash-up Oliver Heldens V.s. Robin S – Show Me Gecko Love

This is one of my own mash-ups. My idea was to put two of the best floorfillers in one. And so it happend i take one of the best house tracks from the early 90's and combine with the latest sound in the house. It is a instant classic mash-up. Very good to build a break in your sets and then the ultimate high of ''Gecko'' track and let the dancefloor explode with energy. This mash-up is free for download and you can listen it here: