Here is it my first release on my own label. I start off with a 2 track EP called For The People! you can stream it on Spotify and Deezer. Or buy it on iTunes and Tidal and Bandcamp. With Bandcamp, you support me directly! So don’t hesitate and get your copy and set the dancefloor on fire!


True house feelings records is a independent record label that stands for great house tracks. With a wink to past and the present. I created a opportunity for myself to explore the house scene and how we are revolving in this. This is translating in my label. You hear many influence from the foundation of house. My personal goals are to make this a great label that is where I can sign whoever I want. That lift up the artist where I am working with or release with. To give life to new projects and experience that are helping the artist. This not your normal new low level label. This is a community where we are willing to help. Be critical in a positive way. So I/we don’t say that is rubbish or wrong I/we go and show or explain what is wrong. And we don’t know everything but we are doing it together to find the solution. I want to motivate people to make the best house music and get them further. This is what I think is The True House Feeling!

Best regards Walter Vooys

CEO and a&r

True House Feelings

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