Erick Morillo Harry Romero And Jose Nunez ft Jessica Eve – Dancin (Walter Vooys 2015 Big Room Remix)

This is the harder sound of Walter Vooys. A great rework of the all-time classic from Erick Morillo and friends. Dancin was a great climax in my sets and in particular the Fuzzy Hair remix. But now is the time for my own remix of this future classic. I made it a big room electro crossover that fit perfect in my harder sets that i play.
About the track it build up in the standard way that every major electro track is build. So intro break climax/drop break and a outro with a build-up end to push youre next track even harder.
The vocals are in the breaks this provide a good harmony with the melody and get the best hype for the drop.

So are you ready to blast away becuase here is my 2015 remix of DANCIN: