Multi-talented Walter Vooys does it all when it comes to DJ’ing; no matter when it comes to playing with USB, CD or vinyl, he obtained lots of experience mixing music in all sorts of styles.
Now presenting to you:

House Of Vinyl. A Walter Vooys vinyl concept.

This concept is based on the simple idea that the crowd is in control of what records are going to be played. With the vinyl collection up front and center, the crowd can search trough the collection and hand over the record they want to hear. The collection consists of house -and dance records from the early 90’s till late 2010. Styles vary from commercial to more deeper underground sounds. The crowd sets the tone and vibe for the set. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Walter will mix all the records together delivering a whole new experience. During the DJ set, the crowd can expect some MC’ing and shoutouts as well. Nice memories of certain tunes are shared with the crowd as well. This is a concept you have never experienced before!